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16 April 2018



Discussion Items

 External activitiesLyndon, Karthik


  • OIF Demo proceeding, no new issues for OTCC
  • Readout events planned for end June, July
  • OIF meets next week


  • MEF meets next week
  • joint work on OAM with MEF NRM, current work item
  • Q: relationship to Ethernet OAM in ITU-T - MEF collecting definitions from ITU-T and IEEE
    • Note this work will be on a network model rather than device model, so some differences


  • Planning Phase 1 testing, using TAPI subset at NBI of ONOS, OpenConfig at SBI
  • Future Phases will incorporate OTSi work as part of SDN implementation (ODTN uses a single controller, so the controller can take a highly abstracted model from the NBI and translate this into a path between transponders from vendor A and line system from vendor B for Phase 1))
 SubprojectsKarthik, Kam, Giorgio, Thorsten


  • Reminder 2.0.2 released - YANG update only
  • plan is to focus on 2.1 next with additional features such as media model, OAM joint work with MEF to support their use cases, equipment inventory model, jointly working with Core Model, probably other updates as well, e.g., to notification
  • target is July
  • tentative target of January '19 for a 2.2
  • no 3.0 planned at this point


  • (Bernd) liaison on OCL to be sent to MEF, ITU-T, TOSCA and ONAP - we have a test model and constraints we want to express in OCL, asking for advice
  • urn - applying for urn for ONF from IANA - following IANA process
  • Want to finalize packet examples (Appendix A.6 of TR512)


  • On WT side after the F2F meeting we are analyzing all the change request to TR-532 with
    the scope of new edition 1.1 of the spec and preparing the PoC 5 for 4Q this year


  • Closing the issues found during DMIP wide review of TR-545

Q&A with TImon on Wednesday 7:00am - added to the end of the WT session

Next call: 4/30

  • starting time - planned for 7am rather than 6:30 - Lyndon to reschedule the GotoMeeting with Cassandra
  • send out email asking if anyone has a problem with new time

Action Items