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02 April 2018



Discussion Items

 ONS NotesLyndon

New operator-led initiative

  • Operators to develop reference designs
    • components of the design can come from outside of ONF
    • can be open or closed source - options possible
  • ONF continues to develop open source components
    • ONOS, Stratum, Trellis, etc.
  • ONF can develop "Exemplar Platforms"
    • example platform based on reference design
    • PoC or trial of a reference design
  • Actual deployable solutions developed by operators or vendors
  • New structure with operator Technical Leadership Team (TLT)
    • Yet to be formed
    • Does not change existing teams

Operators spoke up in support of ONF activities

Talked briefly with Timon

  • new initiative should continue to be supportive of our work
  • OTCC and OIMT now full project status
    • Some concerns that OTCC and OIMT work not highlighted by ONF
    • More visibility from MEF and OIF
    • Not part of ONF vision track - only separate talk (see below)
    • How to keep people involved, recognize efforts
  • output could easily be part of reference design
    • APIs/models should be more important to success of reference design work

Plan on Q&A with Timon at 4/10 TAPI call 7:30


Lyndon presented talk on IM and TAPI -

 OIF/MEF status updateLyndonOIF demo proceeding with some delays due to administrative issues but still planning on testing in May-early June
 TAPI updateKarthiktbd
 OTIM updateKam

Ongoing discussion on technology-specific modeling: OTSi,Optical media, and Ethernet OAM. See

 WT update  
 DMIP update  
 next call April 16 - should we move to 7am? request for this - Lyndon to check with list
 any other business  

Action Items

  • @Lyndon - check with list if moving to 7am is OK