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28 March 2018



Discussion Items

1Pending items for TR-532all the team
      • #24: Netconf requests to configure a link bundling
        still open --> we need to close in the coming calls
      • #25: Space Diversity enhancement
        • --> presented the table prepared by
Thorsten Heinze
          summarizing the parameters applicable to Tx and Rx (action point closed) and available on wiki: 
            AP to
Beatriz Ugrinovic
Daniela Spreafico
Nader Zein

No time allowed to discuss the other open points like #31 and the ones not discussed in the F2F meeting; discussion moved to next week

2Agreement on TR-532 delivery plan and alignment with Core Modelall the team

It has been clarified and agreed that:

1) Next version of TR-532 (1-1) will be aligned to the Core Model 1-2; this version will be in the scope of PoC 5

2) A new version of TR-532 (2-0) aligned with the Core Model 1-4 will be planned in a timeframe of 12 months from the release of the 1-1 version

3Date for the PoC Possible date for the PoC are the week from 22 October or the week from 26 November; we need to take a position in the next calls

Action Items

  • #25: Beatriz Ugrinovic, Daniela Spreafico, Nader Zein to review the table summarizing parameters for TX and RX
  • Giorgio Cazzaniga: develop a slide to be presented by ONF at the ONS, regarding the 5th PoC: WT PoC 5.pptx
  • As WT team we need to understand the relationships with 3GPP for what is concerning the management architecture for 5G (this is to be as well addressed in ONAP SDN-R) – for the moment open in WT ONF – not addressed with specific actions.
  • Contribute to examples of usage of Core Model with WT cases (Martin to circulate the slides about usage of Core Model in WT)
  • (Thorsten) in order to start analysys of undiirectional airInterface model it is needed to go through the model and identify the parameters that are applicable to TX and RX
  • Thorsten Heinze to circulate mediator interface definition proposal and use cases (done)
  • Action to Thorsten Heinze for adding factory setting for alarms in TR-532 1.1 version (ongoing) à for TR-532 1.1 version
  • #30,33,34 Action Point to Martin/Daniela to formalize the proposal for PM Control (#34 should be a group decision way - for #30, 33 please see
  • #31Action to Danilo and Thorsten to formalize the proposal for the model for performance monitoring / adaptive modulation
  • Action to Wolfgang/Michael to provide an input for performance measurement methodology on mediator (ongoing)
  • Action items related to PoC5: Look at ONAP Use Cases (in particular for 5G) for POC5: one of the point will be the ‘slicing’ concept of 5G and how this impacts WT model (Giorgio, Martin).

  • Action items related to PoC5: Resilience on SDN Controller (Martin)
  • #29 - Action Point to Thorsten Heinze  to add #29 in UML for TR-532