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12-16 March 2018



  • Discuss TAPI LTP, OAM, Resilience, ODU, OTSi Models.

Discussion Items


Mar 12,

2-3:45 PM

4:15-6 PM

Termination model & Transitional LinkAndrea Mazzini Karthik Sethuraman
  • Multi-Layer Scenarios - 20180309.pptx
    • Use Case: View/Information necessary to perform path computation
    • Provides a number of examples with/without Transitional Link representation
    • Explains concept/rationale for NEP Pools and Transitional Link
  • For DSR layerRate, is the PHY rate expected to be preserved? Yes
  • Slide 8: Do we need an explicit server NEP (ODU2) instance under the server NEP Pool (ODU2)? Or do we need the NEP Pool representation?
    • Something TBD
  • Slide 15: When you create ODU without specifying client adaptation/rate, what signal is sent over ODU?
    • unequipped (no-content) - not defined in G.709
  • Slide 17: Multi-layer Node option without Transitional-Link
    • Uses Node-Constraints to specify the DSR-ODU layer-transition constraints
  • Align Core-TAPI LTP-NEP color schemes
  • Slide 34-37 - show FC Constraints going and out of NEP at different points (in->bottom/out->top)
  • Slide 36: Show multiple ways to go from client NEP to server NEP
  • Can we completely replace Link system with Rule system or other way around?
    • Rules are needed to represent Node constraints

Mar 14,

2-3:45 PM

4:15-6 PM

OAM modelAndrea Mazzini Karthik Sethuraman
  • Liaison from ITU-T on cross-SDO coordination for OAM Modeling
  • TAPI OAM Model Review
    • MEP/MIP can belong to multiple ME - need to update multiplicity in model
    • OSEP need to reference MIPs too
    • OSEP and MEP/MIP association should be bi-directional
    • Separate/Split OAM Measurement Job into JobConstraint & JobResource
    • Mesuarement Job constraint should be on OAMService or OSEP?
  • OAM Scenarios
    • Is it necessary to have a ConnectivityService for associated OAM Service?
      • UNI/Access OAM is monitored by an down MEP on a UNI/Access CEP.
      • Is an explicit UNI/Access CS needed to trigger creation of the "access" CEP (with/without connection)?
      • Or is it sufficient to represent this as admin-state operations on the SIP (current behavior) and assume "access" CEP exists.
    • OVC MEP associated with an S-VLAN connection should be an UP MEP

Mar 15,

2-3:45 PM

4:15-6 PM

Spec modelsHing-Kam Lam Martin Skorupski Karthik Sethuraman

Action Items