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07 March 2018



Discussion Items

1WikiGiorgio Cazzaniga
  • the wiki pages for WT project have been reviewed:


2Face to Face meetingGiorgio Cazzaniga

New agenda reviewed: oimt2018.KL.004.06.march-agenda-plan.docx

  • For the discussion on ONAP it has been requested to Beatriz Ugrinovic and Tracy Van Brakle to provide an input for discussion during the f2f meeting
  • We need to consider the activities ongoing in other standard bodies and during the P2F meeting decide how to approach those standard bodies in order to get our activities more relevant in the overall microwave industry; in particular:
    • ITU-T for synch topics
    • ONAP for SDN-R
    • ETSI mmW for 5th Poc and for the plugfest planned for mmW
  • Note that some use cases have been defined in ETSI:
3PoC 5all the team

1) PoC 5 and SDN World Congress:

  • even if the PoC 5 will be done after the SDN World Congress, it would be occasion to promote the 5th PoC coming
    • We need to speak with ONF Speaker to understand which ONF contributions will be presented and how PoC 5 can be advertize;
    • We could link the PoC 5 with ONAP activities
  • we'll address this point in the F2F meeting
4PoC 5 and ONAPall the teamWe need to understand the architecture of the PoC 5 in terms of controller and in terms of integration with ONAP architecture (one controller ? two controllers ?)

Action Items