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06 March 2018



  • Prep for London Meeting
  • IEEE 802.1Qcx YANG DM

Discussion Items

25 minPrep for London MeetingKam
  • March 12 -16, 2018 ONF OIMT & OTCC London Meeting
    • The latest logistics document is OnfLondonMeetingInfo-20180219r1. It has updated to note that the Ciena reception is on the 5th floor of the building.
    • The latest agenda Plan is oimt2018.KL.004.07.march-agenda-plan. It has been updated
      • Also noted that the Ciena reception is on the 5th floor of the meeting building
      • Added the topic "Resilience Use Cases for TAPI" to Friday session 3.
      • Moved liaison to Friday session 4.
    • Agreed that contributions to the meeting will still be posted at their own project (or sub-project) wiki site and url-linked in the agenda plan.
      • ACTION ITEM - ALL CONTRIBUTORS: please provide the URL of your contributions to Kam for him to add the links into the agenda plan.
  • The discussion noted that the ONF liaison repository is not up to date in including the incoming and outgoing liaison statements since January 2018, such as the outgoing LS in January 2018 to ITU-T SG15, the February 2018 incoming LSs from ITU-T SG15, and the February 2018 incoming LS from ETSI ISG ZSM.
    • Action item - Kam/Nigel: Contact Cassandra for updating the LS repository.
35 minIEEE 802.1 Qcx YANG DMKam
  • http://www.ieee802.org/1/files/public/docs2018/cx-mholness-YANG-Model-0318-v01.pdf
    • Kam ran through the main changes that Marc had made
      • The "Maintenance Group" consists of Maintenance Domain, Maintenance Association, & Maintenance Association Component.
        • The "Maintenance Group" is not modeled as a specific artifact, rather it is a conceptual entity and corresponds to MEG (to be confirmed)
        • It represents the <MD, MA> pair (& constituent components for the configuration and operational information of the MA)
        • For Y.1731 modeling: md-name is set to none, ma-name-format to icc-format, and ma-name to MEG ID;
          • md-index is used as the key for Maintenance Domain. So it is fine to setting md-name to none.
        • New attribute "maintenance-group" in MA
      • Maintenance Association Endpoint
        • Corresponds to MEP (to be confirmed)
        • It is associated with a intrface (port) and a Maintenance Group (MEG)
      • The configuration and operational attributes/data of an OAM session (e.g., CCM, Loopback, Link Trace) is 1-1 associated with the MEP via the mep-id and maintenance-group attributes.
      • New class MIP
    • Question raised what do ietf-interface and bridge-port map to
      • Kam thought that
        • ietf-interface should map to LTP,
        • if-type maps to layerProtocolName attribute
        • bridge-port maps to the Ethernet-specific extension via the Spec model approach
  • https://github.com/YangModels/yang/blob/master/standard/ieee/802.1/draft/ieee802-dot1q-cfm.yang
    • Bernd noted that while the version and date of this CFM YANG module is the same as the YANG module he re-engineered in Dec. 2017, the content of the two YANG modules are actually quite different.
    • Bernd then ran through and compared the two YANG modules
    • Bernd noted that he is half-way done with re-engineering the latest YANG module into UML, which should be available for discussion at the London meeting
  • Given that there is no more free slot available in the agenda plan, Kam and Bernd agreed to work off-line during the London meeting, such as evening or break.
    • Action item - Bernd, Kam, etc.: Work off-line on the IEEE CFM YANG

Action Items