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05 March 2018



  • Regular call of the OTCC TST

Discussion Items


updates on OIF and ONF activities

  • OIF continuing to work on technical specs, still waiting on some carriers to submit forms
  • ONF ODTN working on initial phase of testing
 any other external activities such as ITU-T and MEF 
  • ITU-T Liaisons (Kam)
    • ·         SG15-LS103: LS/r Coordination of IM & DM for OAM (reply to IEEE 802.3 – LS61) - regular monthly calls to coordinate use of YANG - third Monday of every month beginning March 19, 2018 at 14:00 – 15:00 Geneva Time. The logistics will be posted on the SG15 web page at: 

      ·         SG15-LS104: LS/r IETF CCAMP work on YANG Alarm Module Submission (reply to IETF-LS16 ) (OIMT & OTCC Projects) - comments on new IETF work - requests alignment with CIM model

      ·         SG15-LS105: LS/r Response to ONF Technical Recommendations TR-512 v1.3.1 (reply to ONF-LS27 ) (OIMT & OTCC Projects) (Attachments are at ) - notes ITU-T G.7711 core model has been aligend with TR-512 v1.3.1; also attaches ITu-T specs in progress that we may have comments/questions on - see f2f meeting item

      ·         SG15-LS112: LS on Initiation of approval of SDN Architecture Recommendations (OIMT & OTCC Projects) (Attachments are at ) - notes initiation of approval for G.7702 “Architecture for SDN control of transport networks”


  • MEF (Karthik) - not much new, NRP/NRM approved as discussed last call, L2 OAM project in progress - both model and implementation, will focus in future on L1 models

  • OFC
    • Ricard/Yuta Short Course on TAPI application development
    • OIF Workshop - Tue. 2:30-3:30 Exhibition Hall B, EXPO Theater III
 new Device Management subproject 
  • Meeting Thursday mornings 8am US Pacific time
  • Webex rather than GoToMeeting
  • New mailing list ""
  • Proposed new TR-545
  • Should we start TST review (4 week requested)? Suggestion that there should be a formal or detailed review within device-management first since this is a new group with new participants - discuss on Thursday device-management call
    • Note there has been some review already in WT
    • Can also discuss in f2f meeting
 other new reports from TAPI, WT, OTIM 
  • TAPI 2.0.1 SDK has been posted, 2.0.2 with more fixes under discussion (Karthik)
 London f2f agenda 

oimt2018.KL.004.06.march-agenda-plan (Kam) -

  • WT GoToMeeting
  • OIMT Zoom
  • TAPI Zoom possible if requested
  • note may liaise back to itu with any spec model questions
  • there will be joint discussion on synchronization using ITU-T spec as starting point
 any other business 

f2f planned for June - location switched back to Ottawa

Reorganization of OTCC page - Karthik proposes reorg along subproject lines, seems OK to others

Also probably can remove document list and just provide naming guidelines for documents, otherwise difficult to keep updated - Confluence will keep track of versioning so long as the document name is the same

Also need to have copyright info in the documents

   next OTCC TST call March 19

Action Items