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28 February 2018



Discussion Items

1F2F Meeting AgednaGiorgio Cazzaniga
  • The following agenda draft has been discussed:oimt2018.KL.001.00.march-agenda-plan WT view.docx
  • AP Giorgio to verify with Kam for the common session
  • AP James to provide input for the 5th PoC session
  • POST MEETING NOTE: GoToMeeting Session has been assigned for WT purposes for the three days
2MW specific topics 

The list of topics to be addressed during the face-to-face meeting for specific WT has been shown (in the slides it has been ordere accordingly to the priority given by Daniela, the only input received for priority), and here reported

AP to all WT team to arrive to the meeting having analyzed the proposal (in the meeting we'll take decision)

3PoC 5 

The proposal from Telefonica Germany to host the event has been accepted

For the date, each company needs to check if there is interest to show the PoC results during the SDN World Congress that will happen in October 2018 (who will already plan to attend the event ? any possibility to organize a panel or show the PoC during SDN WC ?

For the content of the PoC we'll discuss during the F2F meeting, but the followign aspects have been underlined during the meeting:

  • cloud based architecture can be shown
  • backup controller (to have redundant SDN cluster) could be something interesting (each mediator can refer to a primary and secondary SDN Controller switching in case of failure)
  • each company developing applications on top of MW model are invited to participate to teh PoC

Action Items