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21 February 2018



Discussion Items

1Report from OTCC TSTGiorgio Cazzaniga
  • The following actions have been assigned to WT from OTCC TST meeting:
  • For WT group - consider if name change is something they would like to do, also listing yang model in yang catalog as Karthik is doing with TAPI

--> it has been agreed to put in the repository also the MW yang model (the frozen version)

--> to be understood who will upload in the respository (AP Martin contact Karthik)

2Face-to-Face meeting 

Proposal to have a focal point for each point in the agenda Here below the proposal (please amend or propose):


Agenda (draft):


1)Model and Management Interface definition (and delivery plans):  
-open issues of TR-532 for R.1.1 (Mantis issues – decision expected) - James
-Alignment with Core Model 1.3.1 - Martin
-Management interface definition - Thorsten

--> target is to close open issues for the delivery of rel.1.1 and to have good discussion on management interface definition,

2) PoC 5: target content and possible date - Giorgio

3) ONAP: update of the status (SDN-R) and next steps – AT&T (providing inputs + remotely part.)

4) Joint sessions with TAPI and / or OTIM:

-Two sessions agreed with OTIM (Tuesday afternoon)
-One on OTIM (ref. Martin)
-One on Synchronization topics (DTAG, Giorgio) – DTAG (input + remotely participation DTAG, Alfons)

AP to check the possibility to organize Webex for remote participation
3Interface definitionThorsten HeinzeCall organized for Thursday 22/2
45th PoC 

Telefonica is offering to host the event

Decision expected in few weeks to allow organization of the event

Action Items