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19 February 2018


  • Lyndon Ong

  • Nader Zein

  • Ricard Vilalta
  • Thorsten Heinze
  • Yuji Tochio
  • Kam Lam
  • Karthik Sethuraman
  • Achim Autenrieth
  • Germano Gasparini
  • Giorgio Cazzaniga
  • Andrea Mazzini


Discussion Items

 OIF Demo StatusLyndon
  • Participants being finalized
  • Agreed to proceed with CSEP extension based on tapi-odu.yang NEP attributes
  • Discussion on Notification
    • potential extensions driven by use case
 ONF ODTN StatusLyndon
  • ONOS SDN Controller for disaggregated line system model
  • Agreed on basic model for TAPI as NBI in Phase 1.0 without need for L0 details
  • Plans to add OTSI modeling in the next Phase
  • Still in discussion on SBI, will include OpenConfig, could still include some portion of TAPI/ONF core model
    • should we provide input on use of core model at SBI? e.g., done for WT SBI
    • need work on applying core model (or ITU-T model, esp. 874.1)
    • note that TAPI would need enhancements
    • maybe explore targeting this as an extension to ODTN
  • TAPI 2.0.1 SDK ready for release - aiming at this week
    • few bug fixes, minor changes to YANG header for compliance to guidelines
    • minor administrative issues left - e.g., site name, yang filenames
  • Update Github site name?
    • Snowmass-ONFOpenTransport --> TAPI, ONF-TAPI, TransportAPI - TAPI or ONF-TAPI looks good
    • support to do this, Colorado names outdated
    • add tags so that the webpage is easy to find, especially for people looking for "Snowmass"
    • will still be under OpenNetworkingFoundation, e.g., OpenNetworkingFoundation/TAPI
  • For WT group - consider if name change is something they would like to do, also listing yang model in yang catalog as Karthik is doing with TAPI
 OTIMKamfocusing on OTSi
 WTGiorgio, Thorsten
  • Will meet Tu-Th in London, including joint session with IM
  • Defining overall plan - PoC #5 Telefonica has volunteered to host
  • Proposed new work project - see
  • Outcome intended to be a document with specific requirements to help interoperability
    • what about conditional or optional aspects? intended to avoid or narrow down options - for operator benefit
    • note Netconf only, not Restconf (suited for SBI) - other SBI protocols?
    • may be more that needs to be specified for interoperability - see work on core model in TR-512.10 operation patterns - Nigel
    • open to shaping the scope or description of the document
    • may be future extensions or aspects?
  • Call for participation sent out
    • call planned for Thursday, 2/22, 17:00 CET/08:00 US Pacific - host Thorsten
    • Lyndon to contact Cassandra to get gotomeeting support
   London March 12-16 Meeting

Plan for June F2F meeting, location in Darmstadt (host DT) - June 11-15

  • originally planned for Ottawa, but could not get host
 other business Next call March 5th

New Action Items


Old Action Items


  • @Thorsten to upload proposal of Device Management Interface Definition work
  • Lyndon to plan subproject start
  • Lyndon to provide draft Yang copyright statement