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14 February 2018



Discussion Items

1Face to Face meetingGiorgio Cazzaniga
  • Meeting confirmed for March 12 - 16 @ London (Ciena location at 43-51 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2DX).

  • Note: For WT specific sessions planned from Tuesday 13 March to Thursday 15 March.

  • Possible joint sessions with OTIM or TAPI will be discussed 15 February during OTIM call
  • Current list of participants:
–Danilo Pala
–Nader Zein
–Roberto Servadio
–Martin Skorupski
–Giorgio Cazzaniga
–Thorsten Heinze
–Yossi Victor
–Petr Yurcik
–Alex Stancu
–James Ries
–Michael Binder
–Wolfgang Kluge
  • Draft Agenda (list of topics to be discussed):
  • Model and Management Interface definition:  
    -open issues of TR-532 for R.1.1
    -Management interface definition

    2) PoC 5: target content and possible date

    3) ONAP: update of the status (SDN-R) and next steps


2Planning activitiesGiorgio Cazzaniga
  • It is proposed to create and maintain a WT activity plan including the targets we have for 2018 with scheduling, milestones and respurces
  • Here attached the first draft structure: WT PLAN - V1.xlsx
  • In the next week the document needs to be completed for the content and resources
3PoC 5 
  • Telefonica has communicated the availability to host the 5th PoC in Germany (Munich premise)
  • Target content of the PoC are the topics included in the WT Plan
  • Specific use cases / applications need to be defined (work item has been added in the WT Plan)
  • Proposal to borrow some use cases from ONAP (please Tracy circulate the latest use cases document)
  • Proposal is to involve in the PoC also Sw provider for commercial SW application on MW
4ITU-T sync 
  • Contribution proposed to ITU-T for cooperating between ONF and ITU-T for sync topics: WD11-01r1a_Q11_Rapporteur_Report_draft_for_TD157-3.docx
  • We need to organize with OTIM team (Kam) an alignment meeting to understand how to cooperate and the methodology of 'pruning and refactoring' applied to synch topic

Action Items