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13 February 2018



Discussion Items


Not discussed due to running out of time

 Q14/15 IMKam
  • Modeling tool and model profile version
    • All models, except G.7711, have been up-versioned:
      • Eclipse 4.7.2 (i.e. version Oxygen)
      • Papyrus 3.2.0,
      • OpenModel_Profile 0.2.13,
      • OpenInterfaceModel_Profile 0.8,
      • ProfileLifecycle_Profile 0.0.4, and
      • Gendoc v0.7.0 milestone 2
      • Comment:
        • Papyrus version used in Q14/15 is:, this is the same as agreed in IISOMI
        • Should lock into this at the moment. Latest version may not be stable
        • Gendoc should be v0.6
        • Need to check if the scripts of v0.6 work on v0.7
        • Action item - Kam: Check with Scott if he used any new feature of v0.7.0 and if yes, does it backward compatible with v0.6
          • 2018.02.15: Scott confirmed that the old scripts ran fine with v0.7.0
        • Put this in the IISOMI agenda.
        • “TD163r1.PLEN_g7711_v2.02_PART-1_Body.docx”
        • “TD163r1.PLEN_g7711_v2.02_PART-2_Annex.docx”
        • “TD163r1.PLEN_g7711_v2.02_PART-3_Appendix.docx”
  • Editor draft
  • New work item
      • G.8052.2 "Ring Protection Management Information/Data Models for Transport Ethernet Network Element"
 Ethernet OAM IM/DMKam/Akira
  • IEEE 802.1Qcx Data Model Overview v5
    • This is from Marc Holness on Feb. 7; discussed with Akira and Scott on Feb. 9
    • Akira ran through the main changes that Marc had made with respect to the previous version of the CFM YANG; slides 2, 3, & 4
      • The conceptual "Maintenance Group" consists of Maintenance Domain, Maintenance Association, & Maintenance Association Component.
        • Corresponds to MEG (to be confirmed)
        • It represents the <MD, MA> pair (& constituent components for the configuration and operational information of the MA)
        • For Y.1731 modeling: md-name is set to none, ma-name-format to icc-format, and ma-name to MEG ID;
        • New attribute "maintenance-group" in MA
      • Maintenance Association Endpoint
        • Corresponds to MEP (to be confirmed)
        • It is associated with a intrface (port) and a Maintenance Group (MEG)
      • The configuration and operational attributes/data of an OAM session (e.g., CCM, Loopback, Link Trace) is 1-1 associated with the MEP via the mep-id and maintenance-group attributes.
    • Action Item - Kam: get the CFM YANG from Marc so that (Bernd) to re-engineer into UML.

Action Items