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05 February 2018


  • Lyndon Ong

  • Nader Zein

  • Thorsten Heinze
  • Andrea Mazzini
  • Bernd Zeuner
  • Petr Jurcik
  • Karthi Sethuraman
  • Sergio Belotti
  • Weiqiang Cheng
  • Giorgio Cazzaniga


Discussion Items

 Update from OIF demo work 
  • OIF proceeding with tech spec definition
  • joint call with TAPI tomorrow to discuss any TAPI questions - 6am
  • Participants interested in Option B
  • One issue may be how to specify "label" - in 2016 used name, but may be better options now
  update from ONF ODTN project 
  • Karthik and I met with ODTN Use Case leaders on TAPI Use Case and basic model and sequences
  • ONOS domain in ODTN will incorporate Open Line System architecture
  • still evaluating whether TAPI OTSi model is needed
  • Need to understand if their uc is single or multi-domain, how L0 is being controlled
  update from MEF 
  • NRM/NRP letter ballot approved, should be published soon
  • NRM OAM project started (TAPI-based)
  • NRM L1 ad hoc group created (TAPI-based)
 WT proposal (Thorsten) 
  • presentation from Thorsten - proposed Generic Management Interface
  • help for carriers deploying WT implementations - could apply to Ethernet PHY, IP as well
  • interface simulator/validator - assumed to be provided by potentially a cooperating team within ONF
    • may be based on previous/existing work done by carriers (currently Appendix with Telefonica reqt doc.)
    • would be framework for continuing work, e.g., adding new use cases
    • some concern expressed that work is contributed as a completed document rather than separate proposals
    • Thorsten - document is open for people to make comments and changes, not so large
    • Karthik - generic, so applies to more than WT - is it just for WT systems? does it apply to TAPI or just device?
    • Thorsten - should apply only to device mgmt, we can change the name to be clearer
    • Karthik - is it a proposal to start a new project? Or through existing project? Advantage of a new project is to get input from across other OTCC participants
      • helps to understand and agree on the scope of the project
      • Karthik supports the idea though, suggests potential interest from ODTN as well
  • Should upload documents to wiki (Thorsten)
  • Should apply to other technologies beyond wireless
  • Giorgio - agrees, presenting to TST because it is across technologies
  • Agreeing on scope will be important - may impact what other requirements are brought in (Bernd notes OpenROADM has potentially related work)
 WT ONAP integration (Giorgio)



  • A new subproject has been setup in ONAP for integrating ONF WT model into ONAP
  • Subproject is called SDN-R (George Clapp, Martin also involved) - not sure if approved or still in discussion
  • Link to ONAP wiki SDN-R:
  • Karthik - what kind of project? integration or specification - Giorgio - integration, not new specification, so far they have not requested any model extensions
  • Giorgio - also using the same model for RAN access
 YANG copyright 


ietf example: "Copyright (c) 2017 IETF Trust and the persons identified as authors of the code. All rights reserved." plus information on distribution

bbf: "Copyright (c) 2016-2018 Broadband Forum" plus detailed statement on redistribution

mef: none?

ieee: none although there are "license notes" in the github site

Copyright notice these days is optional?

Karthik - adding copyright statement would be good. Bernd - IETF requires statement. Andrea/Bernd - IISOMI guidelines - provide means but not specific statement

IETF - RFC 6087bis has details on requirements

 other business  
 next call Feb. 19th - 6:30am Pacific time - note President's Day in US, will hold call but may be fewer participants

Action Items

  • @Thorsten to upload proposal for generic management interface to wiki
  • Lyndon to pursue start of new subproject on this
  • Lyndon to consult with other TST members and ONF leadership on copyright statement