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31 January 2018



Discussion Items

1Face to Face meetingGiorgio Cazzaniga
  • It has bee agreed to join the Face-to-Face meeting organized by OTCC:

    •March 12 - 16 @ London (Ciena) - to be evaluated if Tuesday-Thursday can be suffcient
    •Logistic: with the doodle pole

    (the logistic document can be accessed directly via OnfLondonMeetingInfo-version-4.docx).

    Possible WT specific agenda:

    1) Model and Management Interface definition:  
    -open issues of TR-532 for R.1.1
    -Management interface definition

    --> target is to close open issues for the delivery of rel.1.1 and to have good discussion on management interface definition,

    2) PoC 5: target content and possible date

    3) ONAP: update of the status (SDN-R) and next steps

    4) Joint sessions with TAPI and / or OTIM ?

2PoC 4-1 It has been decided to skip teh White Paper for PoC 4-1
3Model aspectsThorsten Heinze
  • It has been agreed to have separated document for the ‘Generic Management Interface Definition’ (so the behaviour between the controller and the network element) and to propose to OTCC to apply also to other technologies.
  • Thorsten indicated that there was a mistake in the meeting minutes for last meeting (24th of January). Implementation of the Candidate Data Store had already been decided on 13th of December. Minutes will be updated
  • Thorsten presented the current Telefonica internal document including the requirements for  ‘Generic Management Interface Definition’

--> Action Point to Thorsten to extract from this document the only part related to the ‘Generic Management Interface Definition’ , circulate in WT and prepare for distribution to OTCC (with discussion next Monday during OTCC TST)

  • Daniela has distributed a list of Nokia priorities respect to the open items tracked in Mantis; it will be discussed in the next WT call
  • AP to all participants to provide inputs for priorities
5PoC 5 
  • We begin to track possible content of PoC 5 in the slides presented during the meeting

Action Items