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24 January 2018



  • see below

Discussion Items

1OTCC Meeting reportGiorgio Cazzaniga
  • OTCC TST Meeting has been held on 22/1
  • Minutes are available: 2018-01-22 OTCC TST Meeting Notes
  • Notes for WT activities: ODTN project has been approved
  • Action Point for clarifying WT face to face meeting (AP Giorgio to clarify with Tracy)
2ONAP Integration 
  • A new subproject has been setup in ONAP for integrating ONF WT model into ONAP
  • Subproject is called SDN-R
  • Link to ONAP wiki SDN-R:
  • Objectives of SDN-R (from wiki):
  • Port the SDN controller developed by the ONF Wireless Transport Project into ONAP

    This objective is to port the models and controller of the ONF Wireless Transport project into the ONAP framework.  Beginning in 4Q 2015, the Wireless Transport Project within the Open Transport group of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) has pursued the goals of defining a shared data model for wireless network elements and developing a Software Defined Network (SDN) controller to manage a network made up of equipment from several manufacturers.  The model is defined in the ONF Technical Reference TR-532, the SDN controller is based on OpenDaylight, and the software code for the controller is available at an open source github repository.  Because the controller is based on OpenDaylight, it is consistent with the ONAP architecture, and we believe that the majority of the software for the applications can be ported into ONAP with only minor modifications.  The greatest difference is in the deployment of the controller.  The Wireless Transport Project deploys the controller as a standalone virtual machine.  In contrast, ONAP deploys the controller as a set of Docker containers within the larger ONAP framework.  Our tasks are to learn and apply the ONAP tools and practices for deployment.

  • Weekly coordination meeting for SDN-R project ongoing (Tracy, George and Martin are participating)
  • We should organize a call to coordinate the activities (AP Giorgio)
3Model Extensions 
  • It has been requested to submit priorities respect to the open issues tracked in Mantis, anyway (apart P2MP topic) it seems possible to include the remaining items into the next version of TR-532; Daniela is going to send Nokia proposal
  • Way proposed to proceed: discuss the remaining items during coming WT calls; close open points and approve modifications (at project level) into F2F meeting
  • For the support of candidate dB and 'confirmed commit' as mandatory in the spec, there is no consensus --> it is needed an offline discussion to find a compromise acceptable by the team (if needed a specific call will be agreed)
    POST MEETING NOTE: Implementation of the Candidate Data Store was already decided on 13th of December (see meeting minutes) - See Minutes of 31/1 for tracking the resolution. 
4White Paper 
  • Action point to Giorgio to check with Tracy the status

Action Items