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23 January 2018



  • Ethernet OAM Information/Data Models
    • Re-engineered UML of IEEE YANG model
  • L0  Model (including OTSi) per TAPI needs
  • ODU Spec Model, in particular OAM

Discussion Items

  • Call plan of the coming weeks
    • Skip the next two OT-IM calls (Jan. 30 and Feb. 6) due to ITU-T SG15 and MEF meetings
 Ethernet IM & DMBernd / Kam

Re-engineered UML of IEEE YANG model

  • Bernd presented the re-engineered UML of the IEEE 802.1Q CFM YANG
    • The base YANG module is ieee802-dot1q-cfm, available in slide 11 of the IEEE 802.1Qcx editor contribution "IEEE 802.1Qcx (CFM) YANG Model Overview"
    • The re-engineered UML (as a zip file of the entire workspace) is available at: on the OIMT contribution wiki page Contributions>
    • Major difference between this UML model and the previous version (the one based on an earlier informal YANG module)
      • All broken paths from the ieee802-dot1ag-cfm are now corrected

      • The ieee802-dot1ab-lldp YANG module is no longer necessary; the typedefs are now directly in ieee802-dot1q-cfm

    • Note that:

      • The leafref typedefs (typedef bridge-ref, interface-ref) are not explicitly defined in UML; added as association

      • BitLength and unsigned cannot be defined for Parameters in UML

      • LtrEntry becomes LinkTraceReply and the description is quite different

      • CfmStack has 5 attributes as key. Nothing wrong though.

    • Questions to follow up on with the IEEE 802.1Qcx YANG module modeler

      • typedef transport-service-domain contains commment "// Not sure what to do here!"
      • typedef ma-name-format-type::enum icc-format::value 32
        • Is this vaule intentional or typo, because the other vaules are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
      • not all type definitions are appended by "type"
      • sometimes "okay" sometimes "ok"
      • two attributes in maintenance-domain have "//default"
      • no description for mep-db
      • typedef component-ref defined but not used

  • The above will be used as input for discussion at the ITU-T Q14/15 Interim Meeting on January 28, 2018 in Geneva.

poL0 modelKarthikNot discussed due to running out of time
 ODU Spec modelKarthikNot discussed due to running out of time

Action Items