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22 January 2018



Discussion Items

 OIF UpdateLyndon

OIF demo group is now private

Still open for new participants if existing group agrees

Discussed potential joint session with TAPI project to answer any questions on the TAPI 2.0 SDK

This is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 6th during the normal TAPI call

 ONF ODTN ProjectLyndon, Karthik

Kickoff meeting held last week - full day

Lead carriers are NTT, Telefonica and Comcast

Both NTT and Telefonica are interested in TAPI as the NBI

still discussing Phase 1 (OLS), Phase 2, Phase 3 goals

TAPI agreed as NBI interface to Phase 1 ONOS controller

Group also considering TAPI on SBI of ONOS

  • TAPI subset possibly from ONOS to mediator to device in Phase 1 as short term stopgap

 Other Updates 

MEF meeting next week

Proposal for new activity in WT - will discuss at next call

 YANG copyright issue 

Did not get to discuss with ONF leadership yet

Any other progress? Some drafting being done in OIMT/IISOMI projects - common place for statement in UML so that mapping tools will get this

Contents of statement would be specific to source information model

Need to determine statement for OTCC project - should draft common statement across subprojects - is copyright owned by ONF or OTCC?

 Next Call 

February 5th, 6:30am US Pacific Time

Note ITU-T meets 1/29-2/9, MEF meets 1/29-2/2

 TAPI 2.0.1 Approval process - expect to address YANG copyright, updated RI, bug fixes - can we do expedited review? e.g., 1 week email review - poll to see if any concerns

Action Items

  • @Lyndon - raise YANG copyright issue with ONF leadership
  •  Lyndon - poll TST members on expedited 2.0.1 approval