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17 January 2018



  • see below

Discussion Items

1Report of OTCC TST meetingGiorgio Cazzaniga
  • Report of the last OTCC TST meeting with respect to WT Activities:
  • 1) TAPI 2.0 SDK: it has been approved and is now available:
    2) ODL UNI Manager:  part of ODL Nitrogen release there will be TAPI/NRP implementation. This could be interesting from our future PoC.
    3) as WT team, we have some objectives for 2018:
      - Continue with the integration of our activities in ONAP architecture, with a next PoC.
      - Model extension: we expect a new TR-532 version end Q1 2018 (including ETH PHY)
      - we underline the need for guidelines to keep backward compatibilities for the new model definition / extension (applicable as well for the Core Model) - this is activity at OTCC level.
      - integration of WT extensions in ONOS/CORD
2Face to Face meeting 
  • AP Tracy to get feedback end of this week/beginning of next week on the possibility of joint meeting with ONAP in Orange (March timeframe)
  • In alternative ONF OTCC is organizing Face to Face meeting: March 12-16, London is for OT-IM and TAPI. We need to provide answer to Nigel
3Objectives for 2018 

1) Continue with ONAP integration

  • Notes on this topic:
  • it is important to understand how WT can fit with the 5G use cases defined for ONAP
  • We need to better investigate SDN-R sub-project inside ONAP that is taking care of radio + antenna technologies

2) Model extension:

  • It is requested to all WT team members to provide the priority respect to the topics to be integrated in TR-532 (AP all team - DSpreafico is taking a specific action on this topic)
  • ETH PHY We need to clarify the status (this will be not part of TR-532); it has been underlined that the IEEE 802,3 model is now under sposor ballot (AP Nader to distribute the link to the defined model); there is general consensus to focus on WT specific topics for the new version of TR-532
  • We need also to take a position respect to the latest discussions on operations on 'candidate' database
  • A possible important topic to focus is synchronization area; a contribution on next ITU-T is suggesting ITU-T to work with ONF WT to specify and proof synchronization management aspects
4White Paper PoC 4-1 
  • AP Tracy to circultate within end of this week a first contribution

Action Items