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08 January 2018


  • Lyndon Ong

  • Evgeniy Zhukov

  • Giorgio Cazzaniga
  • Kam Lam
  • Bernd Zeuner
  • Andrea Mazzini
  • Sergio Belotti
  • Karthik Sethuraman
  • Nigel Davis
  • Italo Busi
  • Ricard Vilalta


Discussion Items

 TAPI 2.0 SDK 

SDK now approved and published - many thanks, especially to Karthik, Rod, Italo (note Italo contributed numerous comments, and also expressed concerns with the SDK status in the TST), and other TST members that contributed their views during the approval process over the holidays (esp. Thorsten, Weiqiang, Victor, Andrea and Kam)

Follow up issues - posted in github

Need to work on the FRD to define examples for common use of the model

 OIF Demo 

Demo timetable

Participants need to submit contract and NDA this Friday

  • at this point carriers and vendors are still not finalized

Closed meetings to start next week



  • ODTN Project

New project now starting on "disaggregated transport network"

Controller NBI is planned to be TAPI

ONF work starting under Toru Furusawa of NTT

We are in contact and will be working with Toru

Q: goals - not protocol/API development but open source implementation using ONOS



Service Orchestration Function - Topology Engine


Topology Engine - TAPI/NRP-based

not fully open source, access to MEF members

One PoC done, more in future but timeframe tbd


UML-to-Protobufs work - ongoing discussion between OIMT and CORD folks

development of mapping guidelines - current status in OIMT minutes


4.1 PoC using WT to tie to ONAP Inventory

Follow up tbd, possibly March timeframe

 ODL UNI Manager TAPI/NRP implementation - part of ODL Nitrogen release
 TIP Open OLS work 

Need to keep in touch with TIP work that is incorporating TAPI

  • Stephane St. Laurent
 Planning for 2018 

2017 results:

  • Successful transition to ONF Project
  • Presentations and white paper on TAPI work and OIF demonstration
  • 4th WT PoC
  • TAPI White Paper and presentations to CORD Build 2017, including demonstration booth
  • TAPI 2.0 enhancements and SDK approval
  • OT-IM Technology Specific models
  • 4.1 WT PoC - WT/ONAP demonstration and presentation to ONAP developers forum

2018 objectives:

  • FRD
  • TAPI 2.0.x and 2.x releases
  • OIF Interop (feedback into TAPI SDK and FRD)
  • TAPI and WT work incorporated into ONOS/CORD
    • Successful implementation in ODTN project
      • expect further feedback into TAPI work
    • incorporation into other projects - MEF, ODL, TIP
  • WT PoC work and work with ONAP
  • Update to WT model
    • Looking to real implementations
    • Need for guidelines on how to extend the work in a backwards compatible way
    • Concern probably applies to TAPI as well
 f2f meetings 
  • March 12-16, London (overlap with OFC)
  • June 11-15, Ottawa
  • December 3-7, Melbourne
  • see OIMT f2f page for details and doodle poll
 License and copyright statements issue Note question of what we put in the YANG files - issue for TST discussion - will be further discussed in UML mapping call
 Next OTCC TST call Jan. 22nd

Action Items

  • @Follow up on license and copyright statement - is what we have suitable for OTCC - contact Timon?