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  • Date

13 December 2017



Discussion Items

1ONAPTracy Van Brakle
2Face to Face meeting


  • It has been proposed as alternative to the locations / date proposed, to meet during ONAP meeting hosted by Orange in France
  • A poll will be launched about this subject
3PoC 4-1Petr Jurcik
  • Proposal for Blog text about PoC 4-1 will be circulated by Petr before Christmas vacations
  • For White Paper we'll have more time (Tracy will circulate initial draft)
4ModelThorsten Heinze
  • The following two proposals have been discussed and approved (see description of the proposal inside the attached slides: ONF WT call 13 DEC 2017):
    1) TR-532 / Netconf prescription
    2) TR-532 / Dealing with partly failed Netconf bulk requests (Mantis Issue 18)

Action Items