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06 December 2017



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Discussion Items

1AdministrativeGiorgio Cazzaniga
2PoC 4-1@Tracy Petr Jurcik

Ongoing activities for White Paper and press release production (Petr will provide proposal)

Tracy will participate to the 'ONAP Development Forum' and will propose an overview of the PoC 4-1

NEW Templates for the White Paper and presentation are available: 5G-xHaul working documents

3Model DiscussionThorsten Heinze

Only one point was discussed among the three in the agenda:

1) TR-532 / Development towards Interface Definition


•During past PoC and Trial executions, we realized that a bare information model definition does not suffice for an unambiguous management interface behavior.
•The most prominent example were different reactions on configuration requests that were only partly executable.



•In this first step, I would like to propose to change the name of TR-532 from “Microwave Information Model” to “Microwave Management Interface Definition”.
•Further on, content of the document shall be developed from a management protocol agnostic information model definition towards a definition of a management interface qualified for vendor agnostic device management.


Main reasons:

•An ambiguous interface does not create real value.
  • it has been proposed to eventually split the content in different 'parts' in order to avoid to have big document difficult to manage
  • With this proposal there will be TR-532 Part 1 (Data model) + TR-532 Part 2 (Yang)
  • It has been underlined anyway that the version for the two parts shll remain aligned
  • It has been discussed also about the validator: validator is tool that allows to pre-check the model before implementing in real product in order to check correctness (syntax in particular): it a similar (but modern) approach respect to PICS introduced for otehr standard bodies


  • with the mentioned possible modification (part split) the proposal has been agreed

Action Items