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28 November 2017



  • Review FRD, if time permits discuss termination model

Discussion Items

15 minFRD Notification ExampleLyndon
  • Presented proposed Notification Example for the FRD
  • comment from Kam to include details of how Filter is used to control requested notification
  • agreed to draft text for the example and include this in the next version of the FRD
45 minFRD Multilayer/Multidomain ExampleLyndon
  • Presented Multilayer/Multidomain Option B Example (separate set up of server OTN layer and client Ethernet layer services
  • Slides with notes uploaded to wiki as otcc2017.LYO.004-FRD_Examples
    • Italo suggested changing topology figures to show that multiple separate layer domains are exposed - done
    • discussion on whether single or multiple SIPs should be used - multiple SIPs (separate for each domain) seems more consistent with topology
    • discussion on whether new NEPs are created to reflect allocation of resources from the NEP pool that terminates the TL
  • More discussion needed
 Meeting ended after 60 min. due to other conflicts  

Action Items

  • @Lyndon to draft text for Notification Example
  • Further discussion needed on multilayer/multidomain example