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20 November 2017



  • Review progress in OTCC

Discussion Items

OIF LiaisonLyndon
 Any notes from IETF meeting  
 Wireless Transport PoC 
 Follow up from F2F: ONOS TAPI ImplementationLyndon
  • Note the Open Disagg Transport Networks Project has a work item to add TAPI as NBI
  • Rod - how to participate? Lyndon - will contact Marc DeLeenheer and Toru Furusawa
 MEF TAPI ImplementationScott
  • Scott: MEF17 PoCs successfully demonstrated TAPI, esp. TAPI topology - can point to descriptions
  • Karthik - notes some participants are not ONF members, can they attend OTCC and TAPI calls? Yes.
 MEF17 HackathonKarthik
  • Noted someone in the hackathon had made modifications to the UML-to-YANG mapping tool
  • right now only in MEF, not submitted back to Eagle - should be integrated back in - Bernd will try to get them in IISOMI calls
 Follow up from F2F: XOS TAPI Implementation 
  • Look into follow up discussion - Karthik will bring this up in TAPI call - see if anyone has related work
 Follow up with TIP 
  • Identify someone to continue discussion with TIP
 Plan for future F2F meetings 
 Other project updates 
  • Karthik - working towards RC3, updates related to Eagle Tool - enumerations in all caps, etc., will affect YANG
    • could be updates to termination model for LAG and other cases - could affect associations, esp. NEP/SIP
    • Andrea working on Ethernet model and OAM use cases - not sure of the impact yet
    • We will want to make a decision after RC3 whether to use this as the basis for v2.0 and make additional updates v2.x
  • Kam - continuing work on multilayer example in Core Model
 MEF modeling issues 
  • have had discussions on MEF liaison, but have not put together formal response yet
  • Items 1-6 more general, 7-12 specific to topology model, 13 separate
  • note 13 may have come originally from NRP work?
  • Nigel working on initial sketch of response, others to contribute, discussion in IM-E sessions on Thursdays
  • when ready, bring back into TST to review and approve
  • Next OTCC TST Call - Dec. 4th - conflict with ITU-T meeting? Possible move to Dec. 11th - Lyndon will poll

Action Items

  • @Giorgio to provide AAI information and we should aim for follow up discussion on inventory/physical model
  • Scott to provide links to MEF TAPI PoCs
  • Lyndon to check to make sure OTCC TST call is listed on wiki calendar
  • Giorgio to check with WT team on their participation, esp. March or June meeting
  • All: find person to be contact with XOS
  • All: find person to be contact with TIP