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  • Date

08 November 2017



Discussion Items

1AdministrativeGiorgio Cazzaniga
2Spec ModelMartin Skorupski
  • Martin has presented some slides showing how the Core Model 1.3 introducing the spec model concept will impact the MW model. It has been underlined how these changes are mandatory to make usage of teh tool for converting UML to Yang. Sides presented: MwSpecModelScatch.pptx
  • It has been underlined that this change should be part (once decided to adopt it) of the next release of the MW model,
3PoC 4-1Petr Jurcik
4ModelThorsten Heinze
  • MW topics: the list of MW open topics is in Mantis: :
    In addition a couple of contributions have been sent to Thorsten (by Nokia and SIAE) and they will be addressed
  • Next week we'll start the analysis of the open topics starting from the ones already presented in September (See slides: 170917 Updating TR-532.pptx)
  • All vendors and participants are requested to provide input to technical discussion of the topics, and provide a view on the priority of the topics to be addressed
  • Ethernet PHY model: we are going to address this topi in alternate weeks respect to MW topics


Action Items