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31 October 2017




  • Administrative
    • Record this meeting
    • ONF November Interim Meeting
    • ITU-T London Meeting
  • Ethernet model for TAPI & MEF (Andrea)
  • Alarm & TCA notification model for the next stage (probable cause, perceived severity etc) (Nigel)
  • AOB

Discussion Items


Admin - Interim

  • Agenda plan updated
    • Swap the time of some TAPI topics with the OIMT topic so that Karthik can participate remotely (Monday & Tuesday from India, Wednesday travelling, Thursday & Friday from US East Coast)
    • Latest version: oimt2017.KL.001.04.nov-agenda-plan
 Admin - LondonNigel
  • Meeting venue will be in a small conference center one block away from the Ciena London office
  • Nigel will provide details
 Ethernet modelAndrea
  • Not discussed as Andrea is not available
 Alarms & TCA notificationNigel
  • Nigel presented an initial sketch for future consideration of the Alarm & TCA notification modeling
    • Considered that the traditional categorization (Critical, Major, Minor, Warning, Cleared), which has been for work force management oriented, is no longer adequate
    • It is necessary to take a fresh approach

Action Items