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25 October 2017


  • Lyndon Ong

  • Meeting cancelled due to overlap with ONOS TST


Discussion Items


- Update on ONF and OIF activities

  • OTCC Document List and numbering method defined - see To be removed page in the wiki
    • future contributors should allocate numbers from the list and add their document titles to the list
  • OIF Meeting next week
  • Updated OIF demo timetable - rough plan is for contract/NDA signing in 2nd week Jan2018, testing to start beginning April and end in May
  • 2 Interop sessions - Vendor survey will be taken following the meeting
  • Possible interest in TAPI/IETF mapping, TAPI certification work in OIF
 - Liaison of draft FRD to OIF 
  • Draft posted as onf2017.500
  • Reviewed in TAPI call as further discussion is now going to take place in TAPI call rather than Documentation call
  • Further updates tbd by Karthik and Lyndon with new version on Friday
  • Agreed to liaise updated version Friday to OIF
 - Project status 
  • Documentation: FRD now passed to the TAPI calls; TAPI Developer's Guide needs to be updated
  • OT IM: Kam out until next week
  • TAPI: Karthik out until next week
  • WT: met this morning
 - November Build meeting and other future items 

Action Items