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09 October 2017



  • OTSi FEC
  • Ethernet model for TAPI & MEF
  • Alarm & TCA notification model for the next stage (Probable causes, Perceived severity)
  • WT wireless technology spec model

Discussion Items

  • onf2017.201.00_XY_FEC of OTSi.docx
  • onf2017.201.01_XY_FEC of OTSi.docx
  • The FECEn and pFECcorrErr MI signals are defined in the G.798 (2017 AAP version. The received LC comments are not related to FEC) and G.874 (approved)
  • Current Data and History Data are not in current TAPI IM
  • TCA is in the current TAPI IM
  • Question is to include FEC error reporting into TAPI now or later (2.0+)
    • Will further discuss "when to support" when Karthik is back.
 Ethernet model for TAPI & MEFAndrea
  • Andrea: Have discussed in the context of Ethernet where in TAPI to keep the LP class, decided to use attribute layerProtocolName in CEP (only one layer) and NEP and SIP, instead of using the specific LayerProtocol class. Use the _Pac(s) to contain the attributes of the Termination and Adaptation properties.
  • Nigel: In the Core model the reason to use LP class is to avoid have LP in the alarm notification
  • Nigel: LP class is just one of the sub-structures that might be necessity in the general modeling, others are power supply 1, power supply 2, etc;
  • TR-512.A.2 model rationale could be the right place to put the rationale information
 Alarm & TCA notification model for next stageNigel
  • Alarm state: not Boolean (active - cleared), multi-state instead
  • Perceived severity: NE cannot make the decision on the severity
  • Probable cause
 WT wireless technology spec modelMartin
  • Not discussed due to time constraint
  • WT Spec model sketch (Nigel)

Action Items