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04 October 2017



Discussion Items

1AdminstrativeGiorgio Cazzaniga
  • The status of collaborator even if calrified by Timon requires some more clarifications, in particular the distinction between collaborators and volunteer
  • We need to clarify the possibility to attend the call by people non ONF member but collaborator in the previous PoC
  • (post meeting node) Uberconference will be abandoned From the next call we are going to change the tool
2ModelThorsten Heinze
  • the detailed discussion about model will restart on 8 November 2017
  • Accepted the alternance between Ethernet and WT specific model (one week one, the other week the other)
  • see the slides presented for the update on ope and tracked change to the model
  • DAS: see the attached slide
3PoC 4-1Martin Skorupski
  • see the slides presented for status update about participation to the PoC 4-1
  • next call will be dedicated to the slides available from ONAP
4PoC 5


Martin Skorupski

  • It has been proposed to start thinking the next step (PoC 5)
  • Possible content:
    • ETH PHY model implementation
    • Equipment model
    • Core Model 1-3
  • we need to track the content and the possible date for the PoC 5

Action Items