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19 September 2017




  • Discuss and review TAPI OTSi Model

Discussion Items

5minReview AgendaTo-be-removed 
 Review Previous Action Items StatusTo-be-removed 
 Admin - OTCC Project Migration itemsLyndon Ong
  • TAPI to use UberConference for weekly calls
  • OTCC Organization & Procedures
    • OTCC TST has been approved by the ONF board
    • OTTC work is done in the sub-projects - TAPI, IM & WT
    • OTCC Whitepapers, TRs & SDKs in general to receive 2 week last-call within OTCC
      • Intent of last-call is to ensure that issues previously raised are satisfactorily addressed and not to raise new issues for first time
    • TRs need to be approved by the ONF Board (or ONF TST once created)
    • SDKs expected to go through multiple RC cycles before last call
    • Andrea raised the issue of voting procedures - within the OTCC TST
    • Issue of balance between open-source way of operation and the standards way of operation
    • Appeal process in case someone is not happy with the functioning of the OTCC TST. Within OTCC TST is responsible for addressing grievances.
  • Process of using Confluence Wiki for storing TAPI meeting notes, documents, contributions, etc
 Admin - ONF Interim MeetingNigel Davis
  • Nov 6-10, 2017, Google Facility: Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), 1010 Rincon Circle, San Jose, CA 95131
    • OTCC & OIMT meets at event venue on Tue-Thu and at ONF office on Mon/Fri
  • Co-located with CORD Build Summit
  • Registration: (Free for ONF members)
  • Agenda
    • Wednesday morning: We have a presentation; this will be on the CORD Build agenda
    • Wednesday afternoon: We have a track for TAPI and Core IM; this will be on the CORD Build agenda
    • Tuesday and Thursday we have a large room for us to work; this will NOT be on the CORD Build agenda
    • Science fair stand for demo, 2 hours per day at lunch time on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
 Admin - Liaison Items MEF NRP SDK to be publicly announcement - It is based on TAPI.
 TAPI RC2 PlanTo-be-removedTAPI Snowmass baseline to be tagged as RC2 this week. Expect an RC3 in couple of weeks since there few major outstanding issues to be resolved.
 OTSi Spec model

Karthik, Nigel, Andrea

Attachment: OTSi Termination Model

OTSi NEP/PoolPac

  • Question: Does it represent a single potential OTSiG/OTSiA or a pool of OTSiG/OTSiA on a fiber ?
  • In general TAPI NEP/PoolPac represents server-trail capacity/caqpability, but as client layer information. So the OTSi NEP represents OMS trail capacity/capability, but presented at the OMS client layer (OTSiA).
  • According to the current TAPI proposal slides (see attachement below) it could be both an OTSI port on the TPND/MXPND card as well as the OMS line ports.

The above needs more thought and final decision deferred to next call.

 ODU Spec model Not Discussed due to lack of time
 TAPI Documentation Not Discussed due to lack of time

Action Items (Previous)

  • ~kamlam: Presentation for CORD build. Provide framework to team.
  • Lyndon Ong: First proposal for engagement with CORD implementation team
  • Nigel Davis: Follow up with Andrea Campanella from ONF (wrt IM and ONOS harmonization)
  • To-be-removed,  Identify demos
  • ~kamlam: Doodle poll for London meeting.
  • Nigel Davis: Provide feedback on Uber to Cassandra Blair. Inquire about the possibility of using ONF GotoMeeting since all our calls end by 8 AM PST. 
  • Italo Busi: Current status of open points on ODU will be available this Friday, so that be available for the Q14 Ottawa meeting next week

Action Items (New)

  • Lyndon Ong : Check with ONF regarding the copyright and IPR policies for contributions made to OTCC & OIMT.