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12 September 2017



  • Administrative: ONF transition
  • Report of the first OTCC meeting
  • Model topics
  • PoC 4-1

Discussion Items

1Administrative: ONF TransitionGiorgio Cazzaniga
  • First uberconference based call in overlapping with TAPI call We need to clarify the right uberconference for the two groups
  • Some issues to access from Germany to be reported to ONF for checking
  • Mailing lists: in this week there will be the migration of the mailing lists to new platform In principle no impacts and no action required
  • Whitepaper for PoC 41 is not yet available from the ONF web page (isse to track in the following WT Calls)
  • To be clarified how the notification for new changes in the wiki can be configured Post meeting notes: it is needed to go in 'Profile'/'Watches' and select on the bottom of the page the 'email setting page' See the link:
  • ARO will be closed; here the reference space in wiki for the documents:
2Report of first OTCC meetingGiorgio Cazzaniga
  • Slides presented during fist OTCC meeting:  2017-09-11 OTCC Meeting Notes
  • Two notes:
    • for the Ethernet model point of view, we need to agree with Hing-Kam Lam a possible date (in about two weeks) for discussion inside OTIM call
    • It is going to be organized an interim meeting during the CORD Build Event (7-9 November 2017) It can be interesting occasion to get in touch with CORD experts in order to discuss about integration of our activities in broader context
3ModelThorsten Heinze
4PoC 4-1Martin Skorupski

Action Items

Action Items from previous meetings:

  • Thorsten Heinze for uploading ETH PHY model proposal (CLOSED)
  • Thorsten Heinze for proposing a plan for discussion in WT call about the change requests present in Mantis
  • Giorgio Cazzaniga to distribute information about uberconnection for the next call (CLOSED)
  • Luis M. Contreras upload document on 5G slicing from 3GPP and NGMN
  • @Tracy upload new edition of 5G slicing document