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29 August 2017



  • Review proposals for PoC 41
  • Status Model for Ethernet
  • Bandwidth of Microwave Link
  • Review of action items

Discussion Items

1PoC 4.1Tracy, Martin, all team
  • The document uploaded on Wiki about 5G splicing has been discussed. A new document will be uploaded including some priorization of features for the PoC 4.1.
  • Main idea is to work on bandwdith.
  • Latency is one of the parameter that is used to distinguish the different slices. It has been underlined that most of time latency in microwave network is not static parameter, but it can change also very fast due to conditions (that modify the modulation for example). It has to be clarified how the slides are associated to the microwave parameters (Quality of Service, Priority, queueing etc)
  • Reliability and availability can be also other parameters to consider, but it has been considered more complex the implementation
  • It has been indicated that good description of slicing is provided by 3GPP and NGMN (to be uploaded).
  • The architecture currently proposed is to have ODL instance that based on ONF WT model will manage both Microwave and RAN parameters. Northbound interface is exposed by ODL to ONAP (model to be understood). 
2BW calculatorThorsten Heinze
3Ethernet ModelThorsten Heinze
  • Document to be uploaded
  • new methodology for Webex, document repository etc will be used starting from next call !!!

Action Items

    • Review the PoC 4-1 use case document uploaded by Tracy (all)
    • Upload document for Etherent PHY model (Thorsten)
    • Review Ethernet PHY model (all)
    • Luis M. Contreras upload document on 5G slicing from 3GPP and NGMN
    • @Tracy upload new edition of 5G slicing document