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  • Task 8 Equipment model enhancement
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  • Scope

    • Purpose
      • Enhance the equipment model 
    • Specifically
      • Fill the gap to provide the necessary detail description and datatype of the attributes in the equipment model
      • To review the lifecycle of the model artifacts and consider possible promotion (experimental --> preliminary --> mature)
    • Includes
      •  To find an external source of property definitions (such as thermal/power/humidity rating) and then reference them
    • Excludes
      •  To find a documentation technique that allows us to not have to enter text that is essentially the name of the attribute in longhand. Note that there was once the decision: Put in the stupid sentence.
    • External Dependencies
      •  None. This work item has no dependency on other work.
    • Assumptions
      •   None
    • Risks
      •  None
  • Plan

    • Planned Deliverable

      • TR-512.6 v1.5 and ongoing

  • Admin

    • Lead: Kam LAM (FiberHome)

    • Team members: Nigel DAVIS (Ciena)

  • Development (links to contributions and/or drafts)

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