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  • Task 65 - Streaming - Progress
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  • Plan

    • Planned Deliverable
      • TR-512.8 Version 1.6
  • Discussion 

  • Actions

    • The following is a list of actions consolidated from historic minutes.
      • Nigel Davis  Streaming: Security concern. Before attach to the ControlPort, also determine what the client can do. Enforce at the port. Security of content during transferring.
      • Nigel Davis Streaming: Authenticity of the record (identifies of the creator of the record) RFC5848 (this is just an example of implementation). Both directions (e.g., backpress message from the client, request of replay)
      • Nigel Davis Streaming: Authenticity of "back pressure/replay" requests from client
    • 2022-09-01 OIMT Meeting notes
      • Nigel Davis  Add data types column to class tables
      • Nigel Davis  Add lifecycle stereotypes
      • Nigel Davis  Investigate and correct or explain the conveyedInformation property.
      • Nigel Davis  Correct the ReceiverStreamBuffer to ReceiveStreamPipelineBuffer in gendoc script.
      • Nigel Davis  Provide update on necessary changes to the model cover the missing parts
      • Nigel Davis  Convert the descriptive text in the streaming section of TR-512.8 6.6.n into numbered lists
      • Nigel Davis  Deliver an updated version of TR-512.8 for team review of the streaming sections.
      • Nigel Davis  Agree whether the attributes should be directly in the classes in the streaming model or whether there should be augments (as in TAPI). We could potentially use text to clarify this.
      • Malcolm Betts  Provide review comments on TR-512.8 streaming, especially focusing on the lifecycle of interaction of client and provider (in section on "Operation of the streams").