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  • Task 64 - Aggregates - Progress
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  • Nigel Davis   add missing information flow corresponding to (2a) in Agg/Component diagram
  • Nigel Davis  Apply delegating root stereo type to ports in the model and prepare brief refactoring of LTP port applying the delegating root.
  • Nigel Davis   Martin Skorupski   To prune/clean-up LTP and FC model into two interrelated small models (aggregates) and then generate YANG from them.
  • Nigel Davis  Provide a skeleton document as described in oimt2021.ND.005_OAM.pptx that sets out the rationale for use of existing FC and LTP to represent OAM entities. Note that the action "Nigel Davis   Early draft of OAM document using existing model and explaining key features that enable it to be used for OAM, then projecting this model towards a TAPI-like solution. Action item from 2021-09-23 OIMT Meeting notesis covered by this action.