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NOTE: The final approved version is version v1.3.1 and is available on as a zip file at


  • ONF TR-512 "Core Information Model" v1.3 
    • This is the version for ONF Board approval, i.e., by the ONF Board or ONF level TST
      • If there are any required updates resulted from the Board Review, these updates will be made in version v1.3.1 or later version
    • Due to Wiki limitation on file size, the zip file "" has been posted in a drop box instead
    • If you want to examine the model using the Papyrus tool, follow the guidelines in TR-515 in the context of the notes in this bullet list
      • If you want the diagram layout to be as in the .pdf documents then you will need to use the version of Papyrus noted in TR-512.1 (a different version will open the model but will cause diagram layout issues)
        • This can be made available as appropriate
      • To load the model (in the Papyrus perspective of Eclipse)
        • When launching Papyrus, create a new workspace (to avoid project name collisions)
        • In Papyrus use the File menu -> Import -> General -> Existing Project into Workspace -> Select root directory and browse to the location of the OnfModel folder (that has just been unzipped) selecting that folder. This will result in the OnfModel appearing in the projects list.
          • Select and open that project. This will cause the model files to appear in the project explorer.
          • Select the CoreModel. This will cause the model to appear in the Model Explorer
            • The figures used in the .pdf document are available in the "ExplanatoryFiguresUsedInDocumentsAndSlides" package
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