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  • Publishing constraints using gendoc
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Problem Statement:
How to dump constraints in a gendoc output.

2022-11-18 IISOMI Meeting notes

Print the constraint between the relationship from within the referenced context.

Tool may be complex and hence best to not put in object class.

Constraint should be in a separate section.

Reference to context from within the constraint.

It was noted that there is no guideline for the name of a constraint. It was concluded that this should be UpperCamel case (as currently defined for xor).

  • Bernd Zeuner Generalize the rule on naming of constraints (currently only mentions xor)

2022-11-25 IISOMI Meeting Minutes

Scott explained how Constraints are stored in the UML xmi file and how to extract the "Applied Contraints" using Gendoc.

  • Scott Mansfield  Check if it is possible in Gendoc to not show "Description" and "Appplied Constraints" if they are empty.

2023-01-20 IISOMI Meeting notes

Draft_TR-515_Papyrus_Guidelines_v1.3.02.docx (1/2023)

The "Insert Constraints" fragment (provided by Scott Mansfield) was added to the Papyrus Guidelines.

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