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Release Overview

The table contains links to all download sites.
The Eclipse links point to the 
Modeling Tools packages.

Eclipse Release NameWindows Platform

Papyrus Release Number
software download
(update site)
<change list>

Package Download


Oxygen (4.7.2)32 bit / 64 bit3.4.0

Used for writing the Papyrus Guidelines
Photon (4.8)32 bit / 64 bit4.0.0

Never used
2018-09 (4.9)32 bit / 64 bit4.1.x

Currently used by: SG15; Core (question)
2018-12 (4.10)64 bit only4.2.x

2019-03 (4.11)64 bit only4.3.x

2019-06 (4.12)64 bit only4.4.x

2019-09 (4.13)64 bit only4.5.x

Currently used by: TAPI, ONAP

Used by ONF TR-512 (Core IM) V1.5 development

Will be used by SG15 G.7711 to sync with ONF TR-512 (Core) V1.5

2019-12 (4.14)64 bit only4.6.x

2020-03 (4.15)64 bit only4.7.x

2020-06 (4.16)64 bit only4.8.x

Uses Eclipse GMF Runtime 1.13.0 which is not backward compatible.
Diagrams cannot be opened by previous versions.

Used by ONF TR-512 (Core IM) V1.6 development

Explore convergence on this version: SG15, ONF TAPI

  • Note that there is not bkw compatibility

ONAP is moving to 2020-06: Using Papyrus for Modeling - Developer Wiki - Confluence (

2020-09 (4.17)

64 bit onlyskipped

2020-12 (4.18)64 bit only
Requires Java 11 or higher

Gendoc couldn't work with this version
2021-03 (4.19)64 bit only


2021-06 (4.20)64 bit onlyskipped

2021-09 (4.21)64 bit only5.2.x

2021-12 (4.22)

64 bit only

Includes Java 11 JustJ JRE

2022-03 (4.23)

64 bit only

Includes Java 11 JustJ JRE
Moving to GMF Runtime 1.14 and Batik 1.14 for 2022-03?

Note: Latest version of Gendoc is 0.7.2 from 2018-10

Latest Releases Package Download

The latest two published Papyrus releases are downloadable in a package together with the Eclipse IDE from: Eclipse Papyrus™ Downloads

All previous releases need to be installed in two seperate steps:

  1. Downloading the relevant Eclipse IDE Modeling Tools version (the Release Overview table above contains the download links)
  2. Adding the corresponding Papyrus release to Eclipse via "Install New Software ..." (the Release Overview table above contains the download links)


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