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2022-06-17 IISOMI Meeting Minutes

Nigel Davis   Determine what Jira form structure etc. ONF can create for IISOMI. Provide example/detail etc. for discussion.

  • The group decided to close (supersede) this action item and, instead, the group agreed to try the proposal of using the IISOMI Discussions confluence page (and sub pages) to capture the IISOMI discussion items (open/active and closed/concluded). 
    • The IISOMI Discussions confluence page will have two sub-pages, one for the open/active items and one for the closed/concluded items. Each of the sub-pages will have further sub-pages for each item.
    • The minutes page will have pointer to the item(s) being discussed and capture the discussion/decision/agreement/etc. of the discussed item in the meeting. 
    •  The IISOMI Discussions confluence page and sub-pages will also be updated to sync up with the minutes.
    • Bernd and Kam will make the initial update to the IISOMI Discussions page(s) and clean up the remaining part of the minutes page.

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