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  • ITU-T and ONF Gendoc Procedures
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Problem Statement:

The Papyrus Guidelines (TR-515) contain Gendoc scripts for creating a Data Dictionary from a Papyrus model. A script for the extraction of associations is missing and need to be added.
A different Gendoc style is used in ITU-T. The extraction of the associations (discussed here:
Association print out in the Gendoc output) has been added to the ITU-T style Gendoc scripts.
IISOMI need to decide which style should be used in ONF.

2022-09-30 IISOMI Meeting Minutes

Discussed Bernd's action "To create a sub-section 8.xx "Adding ExtendedComposite associations" in TR-515 Papyrus guidelines document. " and concluded that this depends upon a review of the new scripts by Scoot to determine whether they cover all items necessary for the core model etc. and also provide additional benefits (e.g., associations (which need to be finalized still - i.e., what info should be provided in the association output)). If OK then Bernd should update according to Scott's scripts (approach to be defined).

  • Nigel Davis   Review Scott's latest gendoc fragments for completeness wrt the Core model documentation. If OK then subsequent action to validate construction of core document with new script fragments. If OK then subsequent action to determine approach to Bernd's action.
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