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  • UML Modeling
  • UML to YANG Mapping
    • Object Reference Mapping (use of xPath “current()” function) (All)
      • Importancy=M/L and Urgency=L
    • Mapping of Abstraction / <specify> relationship of operation (Karthik Sethuraman)
      • Importancy=H and Urgency=H
    • Mapping of complex Data Types
      • Mapping to "typedef" statement
    • Use of “when” and “must” statements (Karthik SethuramanScott Mansfield)
      • Importancy=H and Urgency=H
      • This is needed for TAPI 2.2
      • Related to translation of <cond>, conditional Pac, 
      • Need to bring Rob Wilton into the discussion (Scott Mansfield's action)
    • IETF MW Test Model (Martin Skorupski)
      • Importancy=L and Urgency=L
      • About alignment between the IETF and ONF models
      • I#249
  • Tools
    • Uml2Yang Mapping Tool updates (Xing ZhaoKarthik SethuramanAndrea Mazzini)
      • Importancy=H and Urgency=H/M
      • Now still need manual fix
    • Yang2Uml Mapping Tool updates
      • Importancy=M and Urgency=L
    • Use of continuously updated Eclipse/Papyrus versions (Nigel DavisScott Mansfield)
      • From previous (old) minutes documenting earlier decisions that may no longer hold etc.
        • Moving to Photon: Importancy=H and Urgency=H
        • Karthik has been closely using the latest versions, no serious problem in that.
        • Karthik suggest we need to move to the Photon version
        • The TR-512 core model will move to Photon in v1.4.1
        • SG15 will move to Photon in the next version of the models too
    • Style template (See2019-02-20 IISOMI Meeting notes)
      • Not to have a universal stylesheet. Every papyrus project should package and auto-apply the stylesheets used by that project.
      • Most of the issues with transferring diagrams between projects could be solved by turning off auto-resizing of class boxes.
    • Tool Chains (Augie)
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