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Note: An overview of the related mapping tools is given here: IISOMI Tooling

IISOMI 514 UML Modeling Guidelines (editor Bernd)

IISOMI 515 Papyrus Guidelines (editor Bernd)

IISOMI 531 UML to YANG Mapping Guidelines (editor Bernd)

IISOMI 543 UML to OpenAPI Mapping Guidelines (editor ??)

IISOMI 544 UML to ProtoBuf Mapping Guidelines (editor ??)

UML Profiles (new editor Nigel)

  • OpenModelProfile, v0.2.17
  • OpenInterfaceModelProfile, v0.0.10
  • ProfileLifecycleProfile, v0.0.4

Github repository:

Common data Types (new editor ??)

  • Core Common Data Types
  • Implementation Common Data Types

 Github repository:


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