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Problem statement:
Address extending existing UML «ExtendedComposite» relationship guidelines in order to cover interface & signal classes in addition to object classes. This can be done within or between UML models.

Table of Contents

2021-08-20 IISOMI Meeting Minutes

Extended composition in UML (including object classes and interfaces)

Also look at the 2021-08-13 IISOMI Meeting Minutes on the discussion of how to display Association information using Gendoc

  • Two examples
  • Modeling guidelinesTR-514 (draft)
    • See Figure 5.26 in section for ExtendedComposite information
    • See section 5.4.3 for information on Role Type

2021-10-01 IISOMI Meeting Minutes

Agreement: Extended composition should also be available for Interfaces and Signals.

Question: Can one extension class (Class, Interface, Signal) extend more than one base class (Class, Interface, Signal)? → Yes

Italo Busi  To verify and confirm that an "Extended composition" can also be used with Interfaces and Signals.

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