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  • 2023-05-05 IISOMI Meeting Minutes
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5 minAdmin: Call planAll

 Leader: Andrea; (Not available: Italo)

 Leader: Nigel; (Not available:)

Leader: Kam; (Not available: Bernd?)

Leader:  Bermd; (Not available: )

10 minAction items due/doneAll

IISOMI Action Items done or past due

Action items done:

Scott Mansfield Determine from Papyrus contacts whether removal of the opportunity to have a signal compartment in a class was intentional.

  • See the Signal compartment in a class topic.

Action items moved:

Nigel Davis Provide Bernd with ONF Style converted script from Scott related to associations (See action from 2022-08-12).

Bernd Zeuner To create a sub-section 8.xx "Adding ExtendedComposite associations" in TR-515 Papyrus guidelines document. Is dependent on outcome of discussion on ITU-T vs. ONF Gendoc Style.

5 minReview minutes from last meeting: 2023-04-14 IISOMI Meeting MinutesAllDone
15 minSignal compartment in a class

Scott Mansfield has asked to the folks he usually contact for questions re Papyrus, but without any answer.

  • Clarified that the fact the folks did not answer does not necessarily imply that Papyrus devopment has stopped

  • Andrea Mazzini shows that the signal compartment is not available in Eclipse 2019-09 / Papyrus 4.5.0:

  • Right after the call Scott Mansfield emails the following screenshot of the 2020-06 version of Papyrus, clarifying that
    • Signals that are attached to a Class show up in the “nested classifiers” compartment.  So the compartment isn’t called signal, there is one compartment that is used for all “nested classifiers” of which signal is one.

The conclusion is that Eclipse 2019-09 / Papyrus 4.5.0 has apparently a bug, not showing the Signal in the compartment despite the tic to display the nested classifiers:

5 minGuidelines DocumentAll

Reminded that:

The IISOMI experts should review the latest drafts

Deadline of providing feedback:  

The publication site will be, as before, at

20 minAOB

Andrea Mazzini asks for a clarification regarding Papyrus, how to clone a Git Repository identified by a Tag rather than a Branch.

  • Bernd Zeuner answers that it is enough to Check Out the required Tag, and the repository content identified by the Tag will be downloaded to the local project directory, replacing all previous content:

Maybe this clarification can be added to the Papyrus Guidelines.

Action items