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  • 2023-04-14 IISOMI Meeting Minutes
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5 minAdmin: Call planAll

 Leader: Kam; (Not available: Nigel)

 Cancelled: ITU-T SG15 meeting

 Cancelled: ITU-T SG15 meeting

 Leader: Andrea; (Not available: Italo)

 Leader: Nigel; (Not available:)

Leader: Kam; (Not available: )

Leader:  Bermd; (Not available: )

10 minAction items due/doneAll

IISOMI Action Items done or past due

Action items done:

Action items moved:

Scott Mansfield Determine from Papyrus contacts whether removal of the opportunity to have a signal compartment in a class was intentional.

Nigel Davis Provide Bernd with ONF Style converted script from Scott related to associations (See action from 2022-08-12).

Bernd Zeuner To create a sub-section 8.xx "Adding ExtendedComposite associations" in TR-515 Papyrus guidelines document. Is dependent on outcome of discussion on ITU-T vs. ONF Gendoc Style.

15 minReview minutes from last meeting: 2023-03-17 IISOMI Meeting MinutesAllDone
30 minGuidelines Document VersioningAll

Meanwhile 4 levels of versioning are maintained on the IISOMI Deliverables wiki page; e.g., v1.3.04.docx plus attachment versions for the Modelling Guidelines. These are too many!

      • Note: To find the above various versions:
        • Start from the IISOMI deliverables wike page (IISOMI Deliverables), 
        • Click the Three dots (...) at the upper right corner of the wiki page and then click "Attachments" 
        •  Then expand the subject document to see its various previous attachments.

Last published version is  TR-514 v1.3-info and next published version should be v1.4.

Proposal (from Italo): v1.3-next + the wiki versioning of the document.

The proposal (from Italo) was discussed and agreed. 

Agree to publish the guidelines documents, with the target release date June 2023, i.e., 

  • UML Modeling Guidelines TR-514 v1.4-info
  • Papyrus Guidelines TR-515 v1.4-info
  • UML to YANG Mapping Guidelines TR-531 v1.2-info

The IISOMI experts should review the latest drafts

Deadline of providing feedback:  

The publication site will be, as before, at

0 minAOB


Action items