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  • 2023-02-03 IISOMI Meeting notes
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  • Administrative
    • Call plan (schedule, leader)
  • Review IISOMI Action Items due/done
  • Concrete vs abstract augmenting classes

  • AOB

Discussion items





5 minAdmin: Call planAll

 Leader: Kam; (Not available: )


 Leader: Nigel; (Not available: )

 Leader: Scott; (Not available: Kam) (May adjust to 8:00 PST to accommodate Kam)

 Leader: ; (Not available: Kam)

 Leader: Nigel; (Not available: Kam)

 Leader: Bernd; (Not available: Kam, Scott)

 Leader: ; (Not available: Nigel, Scott)

Leader: ; (Not available: Nigel, )

Cancelled (UK and Germany public holiday)

Leader: ; (Not available: Nigel, )

ITU-T SG15 meeting

ITU-T SG15 meeting

10 minAction items due/doneAll

IISOMI Action Items done or past due

Action items done:

Due dates of the following action items updated:

New actions created:

  • Scott Mansfield  Test the example model from Bernd and determine how to modify the tool to not add a container when the class is abstract.
  • Scott Mansfield Compare the two tools (TAPI tool and the Private Gut tool) to find out where in the code to add the switch for wrapping with a container or not. The result will be presented in the 17 Feb. IISOMI call.

45 min

Concrete vs abstract augmenting classes


Issue: The main issue is with the tooling not differentiating between abstract and concrete classes when creating the Augment statement in yang.

  • Prior to the call, there was email discussion on the issue using the small Papyrus project that Bernd created.
    • Email thread discussion on Abstract vs. Concrete augmentation: See RE_ running xmi2yang on abstract and concrete example.msg
    • The mapping tool that Scott has been using does the same thing regardless of the abstract/concrete property. Thus no container wraps around the concrete augmenting class.
    • The mapping tool that Andrea has been using does wrap the augmenting class with a container. Note that in TAPI, the augmenting class is always concrete.
    • So, both tools are wrong. Abstract should not have containere. Concrete should have container.
  • Discussion:
    • Scott explained his investigation.
    • Scott will compare the two tools, to find out where to add the switch in the code. The result will be discussed in the next IISOMI call.
    • Bernd explained the last 4 slides in specify-augment.pptx (version 4), which shows the expected result of mapping.
x minAOB


Action items