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  • 2023-02-02 OIMT Meeting notes
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  • Admin
  • Discuss comments on the TR-512.8 Control
  • AOB

Discussion items





3 minAdmin


Cancel the 9 Feb. OIMT call

  • Many members will be attending the ITU-T Q12/15 & Q14/15 Interim Meeting in London, UK.

Time of the weekly OIMT call

  • Move one hour later to 4:00 - 5:00 AM USA Pacific Time (7:00-8:00 ET)
  • Will check before Daylight saving start (12 March) and confirm if this move is still okay or not

Virtual meeting 2Q

50 min

TR-512.8 Control


Discussion on Xiaobing's review comments on TR-512.8 Control draft v1.6. 

  • Nigel has reviewed Xiaobing's comments upto section
  • Nigel will handle the straight forward comments by himself
  • The following comments were discussed 
    • 3.3.2: On the duplicated attribute name "_receiveFilter
      • Nigel explained that one is from the incoming request, and the other one is from the response to the previous incoming request. Since they are the association-end-role-names of different associations, so there is no issue in the UML Papyrus. Anyway, he will give them different names so that to avoid the confusion.   
    • 3.8: The paragraph below the bullet list
        • On the first comment: Will reword, something like "... and the capability of the controller itself"
        • 2nd comment, agree with the deletion. Will add a footnote.
    • 5.1.17: Item 1 below Figure 5-4 "Breaks multiple requests into single requests"
        •  Will improve the wording to emphesize the intent is to break into singular independent transactions.
  • Nigel will carry on starting from the comment on section
    • Aim to complete by next week.

Plan of next calls

Feb. 9 Cancelled

Feb. 16: Next call

  • TR-512.8 Control
  • Agenda of the April virtual meeting

Feb. x

  • IETF I-D generation: Nigel will provide a pre-tool format example

Action items