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  • 2022-10-07 IISOMI Meeting Minutes
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  • Administrative
    • Call plan (schedule, leader)
    • Reorganization of IISOMI Minutes page
    • Pre-planning of agenda for next meetings
  • Action items due/done
  • Gendoc script for associations
  • AOB

Discussion items





5 minAdmin: Call planAll

 Leader:  Bernd; (Not available: Kam)

 Leader: Scott (Not available: )

 Leader: Andrea (Not available: )

 Leader: Kam (Not available: )

Leader: Scott (Not available: Nigel) Note: Meeting starts one hour earlier for people in Europe

Leader: ?? (Not available: Scott, Nigel)

Leader: Nigel (Not available: Scott)

5 min

Reorganization of IISOMI Minutes page

AllFor information: 2021 minutes grouped in 2021 IISOMI Minutes.
10 min

Pre-planning of agenda for next meetings


Proposal from Bernd Zeuner:
In order to improve the planning of the discussions for the next meetings, participants who want to discuss items are asked to add these to the related minutes page.
The "Who" column should identify the participants that should be involved in the discussion and name the participant that has added the item. Like for example: "all (a: Bernd Zeuner)".
A kind of minutes template should be created which can then be copied and used for a new minutes page.

Proposed procedure agreed.

  • Action Item Bernd Zeuner to create a meeting template and create a few minute pages for the next meetings
 5 minAction items due/doneAll

IISOMI Action Items done or past due


35 min

ITU-T and ONF Gendoc Procedures


The Gendoc procedures in the Papryrus Guidelines will be kept.
Nigel Davis's action item in ITU-T and ONF Gendoc Procedures includes the adaptation of Scott Mansfield's Gendoc script for associations to the procedure used in ONF.
Bernd Zeuner's action item in 
Association print out in the Gendoc output will then add the adapted script to the Papyrus Guidelines.