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  • 2022-09-15 OIMT Meeting notes
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  • Admin: Action status
  • Review Temporal Expression model (T73)
  • Review Streaming model (T65)
  • Review Job Task model (T57)
  • AOB

Discussion items







  • Has started moving the tracking of action progress to the Tasks action pages (e.g., Task 56 - Simplified Spec Model - Progress). The mastor Actions wiki page will automatically synchronize up with the action status in the Task action wiki pages.
  • Will continue to complete the moving. 

Stererotype update

  • Per 2022-09-08 OIMT Meeting notes, to move the Preliminary properties to Mature
    • To put together a Gendoc script that can output a portion of the model, consisting of the properties (attributes) along with the lifecycle stereotype and description.
    • Compare the Preliminary set against a previous release of the model (e.g., v1.4) regarding the maturity and any change to the desciption of the properties so that to decide whether the property should be moved to Mature.   
      • The Stereotype column will show only the lifecycle (e.g., Preliminary). 
  • Will do more on the Gendoc script for a comparable file by next week. 

Temporal ExpressionND

Review Temporal Expression model (T73)

  • oimt2022.ND.006_TR-512.18_OnfCoreIm-TemporalExpression.docx (version 2) posted
  • Run through the updates in this version per the action items
    • Add union/intersection roles to association names where possible
    • Add full description union/intersection behavious for all cases.
    • Provide an example showing how incorporatedTE is used.
  • Figure 3-1 TE Model
      • CH: Is there a natural precedence for union and intersection?
        • AI Nigel Davis To look into whether there is a natural precedency for union and intersection. (Task 73)
  • Figure 3-2 TE Datatype
    • AI Nigel Davis   : To add lifecycle Stereotype to everything in the TE model (Task 73)
    • AI Nigel Davis To complete all the Description (comment) of the attributes/propertyies (Task 73)
    • Kam to check the validity of the combination in the Period Duration table in 3.4.1
  • Ran through the examples of combination in section 4
          • Noted the footnote regarding the start at the beginning of a continuous period. Flexibility hasn't been modeled yet. Will be done in the future.
        • AI: Nigel Davis  In 4.2 of the TE document, change hourPhasing from 2 to 5, i.e., change to every 5 hour instead.
  • Section 5: Has added key to Figure 5-1.
  • Document is close to complete.
  • Future work:
    • Applying the TE model to TAPI. Will look into next TAPI release of mulitple alternative options for connectivity services. 
  • CH:


Review Streaming model (T65)

Job TaskND

Review Job Task model (T57)

  • oimt2022.ND.007_TR-512.8_OnfCoreIm-Control.docx (version 3)
  • Walked through the updates done in sections 7.6.1, 7.6.2, and 7.6.3
    • 7.6.1,
    • 7.6.2,
    • 7.6.3, 
    • Malcolm to review in detail the above sequence of the process. 
    • Action items have been done and checked off:
0 minNext calls

Individual's vacation plan: MB (August 11-31; Sept 19-30), AM (August 15-19), KL (August 22-26; Sept 19-Oct 12) 

  • Meeting planning proposal (where each meeting will deal with the corresponding actions (with the date of the meeting)):
      • ControlTask document overview
      • Spec document draft overview
      • Equipment discussion/resolution and preparation for delivery of document
      • Validate progress and plan model and documentation development
        • Review all relevant minutes/action resolution and draft document progress against plan including
          • Streaming model (T65)
          • Job Task model (T57)
          • Temporal Expression model (T73)
          • Spec (T56)
          • OAM (T5)
          • Views/Context (11b)
          • Media multipoint addition to .A.4 (T77)
          • Equipment (T8a) (??)
          • Aggregate (T64b)
        • Consider progress on and plan for delivery of
          • Compute and storage (T36)
        • Construct detailed action plan for delivery on target date  
  • At each meeting we should check that we are on track for the planned items

Future calls agenda items for consideration

  • TIP/MUST papers (CH, ND)
  • Catalog / inventory storage application (CH, ND)
  • IETF work on physical inventory model (ND)
  • RBAC vs ABAC (June 2021 F2F meeting Tue 1.2 ) 
  • To recap the previous OIMT discussion on synchronization management IM (later call)
  • YANG augmenting 
  • Leo on location model

Action items