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  • 2022-09-08 OIMT Meeting notes
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Andrea Mazzini 


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  • Core model property lifecycle stereotype
  • ControlTask document overview
  • AOB

Discussion items







  • Nigel Davis Hing-Kam Lam  Met to work through and reposition the actions.
    • After each meeitng, the actions in the minutes wiki will be moved from the minutes to the Tasks action pages (e.g., Task 56 - Simplified Spec Model - Progress) and then track the actions from there, including re-dating the due dates of the actions. The mastor Actions wiki page will automatically synchronize with the actions in the Task wiki pages (via the "oimt-minutes" label at the bottom of the Task action page). 

Lifecycle stereotypeAll

Core model property v1.6 lifecycle stereotype

  • To move the Preliminary properties to Mature. But need to be careful not to move those Preliminary properties that were just newly created. 
  • Plan to put together a Gendoc s tructure that output a portion of the model
    • with the property name and lifecycle. Compare two versions of the model (e.g., v1.3/v1.4 vs v1.5). Also check to see if any change to the details of the property.
    • CH: In the output, include the full qualify name. 
  • CH: Have seen using excel to reformat the xmi.
  • Another option: Eexport to excel file ( for comparison


ControlTask document (oimt2022.ND.007_TR-512.8_OnfCoreIm-Control.docx, version 2) overview

Nigel ran through the updates related to ControlTask

  • Order of sections
    • Section 5 (The ControlTask) is before Secction 6 (Operation) and Section 7 (Streaming)
  • Section 5
    • 5.1: Text to be added
      • To put in the material from the power point slides and minutes wiki.
    • 5.2 The ControlTask model
    • 5.5 Will be light weight examples
    • 5.2 Control task model (Figure 6-2 page 44)
    • CH: Do we need some kind of message queue so that can decouple asynchronizely? 
      • ND: Not sure want to go down to this depth or not.
      • ND: Will consider buffering/queuing. Put it at the CtPort.  
    • 5.2.2 CtPort
    • 5.3, 5.3, 5.4
    • ReceiverStreamPipelineBuffer. Has fixed the heading.
  • Will carry on per the actions
0 minNext calls

Individual's vacation plan: MB (August 11-31; Sept 19-30), AM (August 15-19), KL (August 22-26; Sept 19-Oct 12) 

  • Meeting planning proposal (where each meeting will deal with the corresponding actions (with the date of the meeting)):
      • ControlTask document overview
      • Spec document draft overview
      • Equipment discussion/resolution and preparation for delivery of document
      • Validate progress and plan model and documentation development
        • Review all relevant minutes/action resolution and draft document progress against plan including
          • Streaming model (T65)
          • Job Task model (T57)
          • Temporal Expression model (T73)
          • Spec (T56)
          • OAM (T5)
          • Views/Context (11b)
          • Media multipoint addition to .A.4 (T77)
          • Equipment (T8a) (??)
          • Aggregate (T64b)
        • Consider progress on and plan for delivery of
          • Compute and storage (T36)
        • Construct detailed action plan for delivery on target date  
  • At each meeting we should check that we are on track for the planned items

Future calls agenda items for consideration

  • TIP/MUST papers (CH, ND)
  • Catalog / inventory storage application (CH, ND)
  • IETF work on physical inventory model (ND)
  • RBAC vs ABAC (June 2021 F2F meeting Tue 1.2 ) 
  • To recap the previous OIMT discussion on synchronization management IM (later call)
  • YANG augmenting 
  • Leo on location model

Action items