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  • 2022-08-12 IISOMI Meeting Minutes
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  • Administrative
    • Call plan (schedule, leader)
  • Action items due/done
    • Navigable attribute to ExtendedComposite actions
  • Clean-up or disposition of the wiki page Versions of UML Models and Modeling Tools (Overview)
  • Coding of target path
  • AOB

Discussion items





5 minAdmin: Call planAll

 Leader: Scott; (Not available: Nigel, Italo)

 Leader: Cancel; (Not available: Nigel, Italo, Andrea)

 Leader: Nigel; (Not available: Kam, Italo)

    • xmi2yang follow-up and next steps
    • Check the progress of the ExtendedComposite updates
    • Coding of target path 

Leader: Bernd

Leader: Kam; (Not available: Andrea) 

Leader: Scott; (Not available: )

Leader: ; (Not available: Kam, Scott, Italo)

Leader: ; (Not available: Kam, Scott, Italo)

 minAction items due/doneAll

IISOMI Action Items done or past due

  • The owner of the past due items, in particular the 2021 ones, are reminded to check the progress and will be reported in the next call.


  • Bernd updated the UML to YANG mapping guidelines for the Extended Composite example:  Draft_TR-531_UML-YANG_Mapping_Gdls_v1.1.03.docx
  • Bernd completed the action that included: To update TR-515 (Papyrus Guidelines): Sections 7.4.6 (To add how to auto resize; to add how to use the local stylesheet); 5.2 (To point to the Wiki page for the versions of Eclipse & Papyrus that IISOMI are using); 5.4 (To add the link of the gendoc download site and also the IISOMI latest releases wiki page). To update the IISOMI Tooling wiki page to add the pointers/links to the tools. To update the IISOMI Deliverables wiki page to add (as for information) the pointers/links of the available mapping tools.
 minNavigable attribute to ExtendedCompositeAll

Navigable attribute to ExtendedComposite subordinate class


Problem statement:

When reviewing a model by using the generated data dictionary (i.e., the Gendoc output document), currently there is no way to know whether there are additional attributes/operations/notification from the abstract ExtendedComposite extending class (because there is no instance of the abstract class).

Papyrus guidelines: (new date because of dependency on gendoc script update)

Gendoc scrip:

Mapping guidelines:

This topic is added to IISOMI Discussions / Papyrus Guidelines related items / Navigable attribute to ExtendedComposite

Clean-up or disposition of the wiki page Versions of UML Models and Modeling Tools (Overview)


Coding of target path


IISOMI Discussions / Papyrus Guidelines related items / Coding of target path 

2022-08-12: no discussion, deferred to next week.

Action items